Supported Living – Children

Supported Living for Young People

Living Care 16+ Service

Pathstone Limited is a West Midlands Sub-Regional Supported Accommodation Framework approved provider of accommodation and support to young people aged 16+ who have a variety of support needs. We support young people to gain the living skills they need to make the successful transition to independent living.

We provide high quality housing, our supported living consists of one-bedroom flats for individuals, two bed roomed properties for parent and baby and three to four-bedroom properties shared lodgings. All our properties are fully furnished and equipped for supported living.

The young people we support aged (16-18 years) include:

  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
  • Children, who have been living in residential settings or foster families and are ready to transition to independent living
  • Young people leaving young offender institutions
  • Placement breakdowns
Emergency Accommodation

Pathstone Limited has designated emergency bed spaces that are available for the following groups 16 and 17-year olds:

  • Young Offenders
  • Care Leavers
  • UASC
  • Placement break downs

Young people can stay in these emergency beds from one week to three months. During this time, young people are offered guidance and support that enables them to move on to the most appropriate accommodation that suits their individual needs.

Emergency beds are available in all our properties.

This is based on a 4-bed house with 24-hour support charged at a weekly rate per young person placed. This is based on any risk management and emergency referral at time of placement.

Weekend Respite

We also provide weekend respite beds which provide all the services identified above.

Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children

We can accommodate and support Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children and help them to assimilate into British Society.

We work with different agencies such as Refugee Councils, Immigration Solicitors, Home Office and Red Cross among others to help UASC with the process of settling into the UK.

We provide them with:

  • Information in their language and staffing who can speak their language
  • Accessing religious centres and organisations such as Mosques and Temples where they can practise their religion
  • Registering with GP’s, Schools etc
  • ESOL Classes
Our Support

We assist each young person with their transition through an individually tailored support package that is reviewed on a regular basis. The level of support a young person receives is determined by their assessed needs and risks. We provide a flexible amount of support for everyday tasks or for young people with more complex needs, we can deliver a comprehensive support package with up to 24-hour support.

Young people are offered accommodation and a package of support which includes key working, access to support services, learning, life skills & education, support to find suitable work opportunities and recreational activities.

  • Enjoying a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Staying safe
  • Managing money and accessing benefits
  • Personal development, goals and aspirations

Through working with local authorities and other agencies we can support clients in finding suitable accommodation when they feel ready to move on.



Single Accommodation + Support Hours (Support hours charged separately)


Shared 2-4 Accommodation + Support Hours (Support hours charged separately)


Outreach Support non-accommodation based on hourly rate.


This option provides high levels of support to enable young people to gain independent living skills and develop their confidence. We offer support accessing education, training and obtaining life skills. This option provides sleep in support allowing young people to develop a degree of independence.

Shared 2+ Accommodation (All-inclusive price)

  • Accommodation and Support charged per week, each young person receives + 2 hours minimum face to face support per week.
  • Sleep in staff onsite from 10.00pm to 7.00am each night.
  • On call Staff, available 24 hours to provide support if necessary


Shared 2+ Accommodation (All-inclusive price) 

  • This is staffed on a 24-hour basis and provides high levels of support to enable young people to learn independent living skills and develop their confidence. This package offers intensive support on education and training and life skills.
  • Additional staff available to support individual young people within the community.
Supported Living by Pathstone Community Care Services
Supported Living by Pathstone Community Care Services